make it short

April 13, 2010.


morning blog.

sometimes i have a problem on how to start the entry. i type, read again and delete them. then, i re-type for a paragraph. when come to the next paragraph i read the 1st one, unsatisfied i delete again. gosh!

nice. i manage to type a paragraph now. ha ha.

ok, serious! *coughs. i am not sure about this. but most of the time i like to do this. i will cutting my hair short when i break up -_____-"

on my previous entry i did mentioned about 10 things i must do before i reached another year older. one of them is cutting my hair short - boyish style.

tho, last weekend i manage to spend my precious time at my aunt's saloon in jb city, i decided to accomplish my list to do. ha ha.

yess, i make it short!

last time i cut my hair was on early 2008. right after i met my sweetheart/ break with ex. just imagine how long i takes to make it longer enough for me. i do love my hair.

what to do.

that was the time to make it short again. yeah. life is up and down. sometimes it longer and sometimes it shorter. <- my hair.

p/s: good bye pink hair bands. isk.