who is warren buffet? a musician? a lawyer??

March 15, 2010.


good morning buddies!! *sound excited because in holiday mood.

hello there. how are you doing? i am flu today T_T hu hu hu..

ok.. today i would like to start my day with sharing one good info for you. my buddy send me an email about warren buffet. omg! who is he? that is what come 1st when i read his name..

then i read..

wow! sounds great eh..

i believes in order to change to better life, you yourself must have a strong will. however, a strong will only never helps to go further without clearly mission and vision.

set your mission and vision, then go for them! the journey might be up and down to reach your goals.. strangers are every where either one you can trust or not! just be careful..

p/s: i likes when he said "live your life as simple as what you are"