i hate you but i love you

February 23, 2010.


good morning buddies.

howdy? i am feeling great this morning after meeting my girl friends last night!

my 1st entry in this lovely morning are fully cream with cheerful and wonderful time together with ayure bizzo and along. then, unexpected we met anne, my girl school buddy.

last night after work (around 7 pm) i went to bp mall (like no place to go) and met ayure bizzo and along. we were planning this since monday morning.. damn excited!

since ayure bizzo will going to aussie next week, so we decided to have a small makan-makan again (no wonder ayure bizzo gained 6 kilos within 2 months in malaysia).. ha ha ha.

pss.. along, since ayure bizzo did not have a blog we can easily poking her. i assures, she will delete us in her fb list! hu hu hu

1st destinantion is the guardian. while i am queue for payment, i found this giraffe. ouh, i heart his cute face!

i bought several items to top up for office's 1st aid. hu hu hu.

ops! i am apologized because having crazy girl friends like this. ha ha ha. along is trying to push the call button for order request.

my appetizer, the garlic bread and creamy mushroom soup. not bad.

ayure bizzo suggested this place. mainly reason is dear, i found difficulty to search halal pizza hut in aussie~ i wanna eat as much as i could. hu hu hu.

i am having problems to remember what are this? what are that? hu hu hu. i do prefer kfc chizzy rather that pizza's.

anne and cik syahira. wink wink.. we were knowing each other since 13 years old.

bloated faces! babes, i hate you but i love you ^____^

after an hour.. finally.. ayure bizzo tapau the balance! cant eat anymore.

last but not least, 3 girl friends cam whoring in basement before off to home.

farewell ayure bizzo. we seriously did not miss you badly *cross my fingers. see you next year babe!

next time when along and i are having any local foods we will definitely tag you on fb. ha ha ha. damn cruel!!

many thanks girl friends. you all brighten my day..

p/s: this story is fresh from oven. wink wink..



jujahxo. said...

akhernya i dpt gak tgk u pkai tdg selain drpd kaler PINK. hihiiii

cik syahira said...

assalamualaikum ja.
ha ha ha.. i have various of colors but then i do love pink most!