~ezma, you jump, i jump! contest

February 24, 2010.


i here by submit ezma, you jump, i jump! contest~

however, according to ezma there a few things to complete before submit the initial link to her comment box.

her banner was damn cool! eh eh. visit her blog for further details..


this picture taken via cheap sony ericsson hp. therefore the quality is low. however, in order to support her contest i have to submit this -_____-"

go go girl~ all the best for your contest!

p/s: where is my canon camera. still missing T_T



Lyn Yusoff said...

sound great!!!
leh try ni... hehehe

jujahxo. said...

eh masih tak jupe lg ke kamera u?? emm beli baru jela sheera!! dslr trus ke

liyana said...

hui..sape amik gmbr ni?? dahsyat efek.. mcm berapi kat bwh tu..uhuhu

cik syahira said...

assalamualaikum kak lyn,

it is cam whoring time!
wink wink.

assalamualaikum ja,

dslr? gulp.
let me ask my sweetheart 1st.
because he will paying that hot gadget! hi hi hi.

assalamualaikum perempuanku,

ha ha ha! damn you.
just a cheap camera effect lol..
miss you beb! sheila too.

~eZmALiZa~ said...

hehe..low quality ke??itu seni sis syahira..hehe..cantik2.. :) kdg2 yg kelihatan cacat itu la nmpk cantik..oke,tengs for join the contest..n ezma wish u gudluck sis.. :)

cik syahira said...

assalamualaikum ezma,
you are most welcome sis.