1st week with bff, braces


hello babes.

this week is full with braces and me story as well as pictures. for today's entry i would like to share some pictures of foods and drinks.

this are what i have during my 1st week..

end up i cant finish all of them. i am suffered a lot. sigh.

at the 1st week i am still not comfy esp during meals time. when comes to 2nd week it's turn better.

now on 3rd week, my dentist squeezed the upper wires to make it tight and fix the bottom braces. . i .. i .. i probably lost few kilos lah! T_T

p/s: no matter what, you need high motivation to wear braces if not your life turn sucks! hu hu hu.



Sherry said...

wow everything sedap I like

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sweetkakayau said...

lapar la nampak makanan..