7 days after braces


hello babes.

al-fatihah to our late sultan johore.
1stly i am in a mood of berkabung. i believes lovely johorean do so.

not much that i can share after 7 days me with my bff, braces. stand still i share lil bit for you k :

1) alhamdulillah.. i am not suffering with ulcers yet ^____^
2) bloody tongue.. recovered after few days. now, no more.
3) my tongue behave ord. so it didnt explore much like at 1st few days.
4) still having probs to have any solid foods!
5) i use to remove it every time i eat and immediate brush my teeth -___-"
6) believes me, i only have heavy meal once a day (avoid solid foods). then fix it again after brush my teeth T_T
7) what else eh?? omg. dont have any ideas! ouh.. like i sms via fb i keep on doing my mulut itik all the time without i realized. huaaaa.. my mom and sis keep on laughing at me. gosh!!
8) pain at my gum decreased daily.. thank god!
9) maybe i reduced some weights.. previously is 46 kg. hu hu hu. let me check after this.
10) additional info, my buddies ask me several questions about braces and i've tried to answer them on my next entry.


me shy-shy lah cam whoring in cc. hu hu hu. here you are my latest pics:

ok.. bye bye. see you next time.

p/s: currently i am 50-50 with the job i went for interview. does it work for me? or.. i myself not comfortable with something..


the big boss ord add me on fb but i didnt approve him yet. me, not like at the 1st place lah. hu hu hu.



liyana said...

miss u too perempuan...

uik..ko g interview ape babe??

jujahxo. said...

haha! u senyum jd laenla ;)

eh mmg sume sume Org kt jOhor duk berkabung ke?? dgr citer ada yg tak berkabung, kena saman eh??

lily lotus said...

makin cute ok...