50 us dollar


hello babes.

couple of weeks ago *yes, long time story.. i am cleaning up my room and ..

surprisingly this is what i found!

alhamdulillah. this note located inside my purse.. where by that purse is going to remove from my closet to bin. hu hu hu.

my instinct said that what if i did a final check toward this before i throw it to bin and suddenly i found 50 usd.

yes, i did. last year i went to cambodia and still left 150 usd. of cause i ord change my 100 usd note and forgot about another 50 usd.

i am grateful because my early 2010 is going smooth and lot of good things happen around me. what i really wanted to do now are complete my dissertation successfully, get a job and thing makes me still waiting is the place where my sweetheart might posting to.

i hope and pray hard that those good things will always come to me and my babes. amin.

p/s: any one know what is the current price for selling usd? last time i saw it was rm 143 355 per 100 usd. i bought rm 170 lol! -___-"



adenium said...

wahhh rezeki nih.... :D

jujahxo. said...

kasi i jela sheera... kasilah.. kasilah..

*muka penuh mengarap*