satey kajang


good morning babes..

last weekend i keep on shouting every where wanted to eat satey! satey!! and finally alhamdulillah i get it.

my auntie, her buddy and i went to putrajaya and have our late dinner at omg i forgot what is the name of that place! what ever.. * kota warisan i guess.

hurm.. almost an hour if i am not mistaken waiting for my order -__-" bloody slow their services but i understand because the demand is tremendously high over weekend vs numbers of small staffs. it's ok..

the taste is like always superb delicious! good job..

pictures taken while i am waiting for them..

p/s: will looking for chocs indulgence, secret recipe.



Dayu said...

satay tak masuk dlm craving list
tp satay mmg syiok..lagi2 kena kuah kacang yg merveles
lagi syiioookk

*huhu..malunya saya, salah link. i confuse.. malu..malu