live update (10)


good morning babes.

few hours left before we are going to celebrate early muharam. lots of memories left in past years and alhamdulillah we are still here living healthy and happily for a long journey to go.

what will happen tomorrow? no body knows..

takes your time, have a sit, take a deep breath and start to think what i've done this past years.. is it really what we wanted to do and what we want to be.. does it enough and what i need to do now.. what? who? why? when? how?


i did so many mistake before.. i've tried so many times to change.. it's not easy. sometimes most of the time i fail.. but i know, i never give up easily.. i'll try over and over again until it works.

i understand people out there got the same problems but different kind of issues.. let's try moving on to be a better person ^__^

in fact, i will always remind myself to be a better person too. insya Allah.

p/s: counting hours to take off.