under construction


hello babes..

how do you do? now i am using broadband live from johore.. finally, i am at home sweet home. wink..wink.

alhamdulillah.. after hours of journey, i arrived home safely. phew.. along the way was raining heavily..

by the way, i would like to apologize due to several icons were missing! huhu.. what to do, i love to change here and there.. end up, my page turn messy..

currently, i am working for them such ugly header, followers' list, visitors icon, my favvy blogs, sign nature and etc.. ouh, at the same time i'll try to upload pictures on my journey to down south, johore too.

insya Allah, i'll staying here until end of this month and surfing via celcom broadband.. cant wait to share with you babes on my experience using this gadget..

stay tune.

p/s: my bedroom is super messy too. sigh.