i'll be there


hi babes. happy friday..

i am apologized due to late update on my movie review.

last night terompahsurau asked me out to watch micheal jackson limited edition movie called micheal jackson this is it.

i booked tickets at the very last minutes and luckily there's one last show at jj bukit raja on 11pm. hihi.. we're lucky! actually i am not his big fan but terompahsurau was the one. i just accompanied her.. huhu..

the show began when..

has interview session on micheal's back up dancers. omg! audiences were extremely superb !! gals and guys around the world went to his audition.. i found thousands of people dance on the stage @.@ then selected dancers shares their acknowledgments towards micheal and the team.. i found a guy from australia also join and selected! he's worth it!

i love..

when this movie shows few video clips and micheal's rehearsal with the back up dancers! feels like i really watch his concert..i cant stop looking at every single steps of them.. i heart you guys!!

goes to my favvy when..

he performed 'the smooth criminal' with his brilliant and unique styles! serious.. even i sang along with him quietly inside the cinema -__-" next when he sang along i'll be there by jackson 5 and they shows a video clip when micheal was young.. it touched me T.T"


i found micheal are very kind man, spoke nicely, caring about people and nature, big heart man, talented artist and when i watched this movie it reminds me he seems like late sudirman hj. arshad when he performed at chow kit long time ago. with humors and a bit naughty when he treat his gal fans but still acceptable. i thought it just a way to great and communicate with his big fans!


this movie is all about micheal's preparation for his last concert and unfortunately he passed away before the concert. again.. it's touched my heart. i enjoy every single moments i watched this movie.

my advice..

go and watch it at cinema near you. just pay little for ticket you'll definitely feels like see him in person at the back stage of his big concert! lastly, i love when he said 'god, bless you'.

babes.. may god bless you k.

Best regards,