i change too


let's continue about my changes in life.. on early 2008, i am a size xs girl (underweight) transform to almost size l girl.. it surprised me and my whole family..

i started working and at the same time being a part time student shown that i've eat a lot and over enjoy my life.. huhu..

my 48.8 kgs makes my face too chubby! not good. not good.

luckily i realized that gaining extra weight for me doesnt look good at all and started to control my meals.. there's one time, i skipped rice for couple of days and take high fiber breads.


then on year 2009, i managed to reduce few inches here and there and maintain my 45-46 kgs only.. if i gain more than that, the 1st place it gain was at my chubby cheeks.. ouh, so ugly duckling!!

so far i still control my meals, skipped rice if necessary and eat healthy foods due to stay health as well as reduced cholesterol. eh, hello in this age you should control cholesterol for future benefits!..

this picture taken at the same month but different year as my 1st picture.. at least i didnt look so chubby as before right?? hehe..

changes or transforms in size or education level still can be considered because you just challenge yourself being better in life but..

there's changes which very hard to go is..

can i continue it later??

to be fair i give you the clue..

- att*tude -

let's think about it..

Best regards,


jujahxo. said...

tinggi u bape dear? ehh pipi u chubby cOmellah!