get well soon (1)


hello babes.

for my fb babes, thank you very much for your concerns to us..

yesterday, around 530 am i heard my mom panicked and called my name. she asked me to help her assisted my grandma due my dad on shower at master bedroom.

surprised, when i saw blood at grandma's clothes!

her room smells blood.. omg.

my mom told me that she heard someone hit hard thing loudly.. she run to grandma's room and saw grandma was sitting at her bed fully with blood.

i noticed her head hit something.. it's never stop bleeding. then my dad come to us and look panicked when he saw grandma's condition.

he decided to take grandma to hospital before things come worst.. since my mom have to work and i did nothing, so i accompanied my dad to hospital. i rushed take shower, pray, with without make up immediately go to hospital.

around 7am we arrived at emergency room, registered my grandma and doctor checked her. my dad and i were waiting outside. i am sleepy -_-" while waiting. huhu..

after that we went to x ray room which another waiting moment -_-" luckily i found my buddy who is my schoolmate currently posting as a doctor there. i proud of you, buddy..

settle on x ray, need to wait for the result. huhu.. -_-" still waiting. my grandma felt uncomfortable.. she asked me to bring her home. she sick sitting on wheelchair. she's tired. she want to rest.. she want home.

after get the result, my dad straight away to pharmacy and get grandma's medicine.. this time my grandma cant stand to wait.. again and again, she want go home. huhu..

end up around 10 am we went home. even, in car my grandma told me she need rest. it's hurt her so much T.T"

p/s: i wonder where is the express lane for my grandma? sigh.