celcom blue


hello babes.

i am a happy customer of celcom. i registered on celcom broadband and post paid. alhamdulillah.. i dont have any problems dealing with them. their coverage also impressed me a lot! esp in my home sweet home ^.^

there's one story i like to share:

couple of nights ago, i received sms from celcom where by my post paid line is blocked due i am not settle forgot to pay the bill. omg.. it's hard to live without hp!

i quickly called my neighbor and requested him to re-open his shop. he sells top up and sim cards.. during that time, it was around 11 pm -_-"

i went to his shop and bought new pre paid number, definitely celcom to me. personally celcom is the best choice compared others.. huhu.. sorry babes. i do heart celcom very much and will always stick for this one.

p/s: sweetheart, please dont forget to pay my bill..



Epool86 said...

hey, me too using all celcom services..

Prepaid: Celcom XPAX UOX
Postpaid: Celcom Executive 50
Broadband: Celcom Broadband D68