1st experience


hello babes..

how do you do?

have a great monday all.

let's have painting session for today. pictures taken when i went to putrajaya as per previous teaser.. well, this is my 1st experience after almost 6 years left this passion T.T"

absolutely i love painting and will continue this passion after this. just give me some time to start my engine. wink..wink

this is my guru's art - pak sane. double awesome k!

and here his future talented art. huhuhu..

when i was in school, painting is my favvy subject! my passion, my love and my life. i've tried graphic before this but seems love more on nature and landscape. ouh, i am not good enough but love it very much.. grateful that my mom supported me!

as for me, painting is unique. i can spend few hours sit in front of my art. from sketching to painting.. then by doing this i feels that it is kind of mind therapy and escapism from busy life.

insya Allah, on year 2010 i will start it again and try to spend some time on this art works. well, let's think of something you like and learn it further.. share me your passion!! all the best, babes.

practise makes perfect

Best regards,