water is essential to life


here are some information about the importance of drinking water in daily lifes..

basically, 2/3 of body weight contains of water, h2o. it helps to keep muscles and skin toned as well as assists in weight loss.

besides that water is the main/ the only transportation for oxygen and nutrients to cells, helps to eliminated toxins and wastes from body.

in addition it also a cooler for body.

so let's have a glass of water every time when you wake up in the morning and continue another seven glasses per day. end up, eight glasses are best solutions for better health.

* have you ever thought that in human body when you get lesser oxygen, it resulted tired, uneasy instead of de-hydrate?? the worst part are your systems cant operate smoothly. finally, you tend to risk certain diseases..

it's not too late to have eight glasses of water per day for your good health.

a reminder for me too. wink..wink.

Best regards,


syazana said...

minum air bebanyak ye..
aku ni pon kurang minom air gak..
takot ke toilet saja.