pink for october


hello babes.

in order to support and bring attention on breast cancer awareness, i would love to encourage my blogger babes:

to turn your website pink or educate yourself with several entries on this campaign for awareness. why not if we're sharing some issues and knowledge during october month.

go pink!

according to the statistic, on 2006 which is the 1st year roughly 1,500 sites that went pink. then number increased on 2007 to 3,000 sites go pink..

surprisingly, on year 2008 was the biggest achievements when roughly 15,000 sites turn pink! so, what is the plan for year 2009?

there are looking to make an even bigger splash 2009 and kindly asked for blogger babes support and participation.

blog about 'pink for october', invite others to join, become involve, increase awareness, learn something new and teach/ shares with others what do you know..

many thanks!!

Best regards,