omg omg !! it will happen again !!


cried! omg.. omg.. i am sleepy but thousands of words to go.. seriously, thousands to go. suddenly i wish if i have another 24 hours to go. unfortunately, i only have less than 12 hours.

definitely, this time i need to sacrifice my sleeping time which i used doing this once per semester.. hu2x.. yes, babes. every once or twice a year i'll not going to sleep at all because of purpose on study.

my buddies knows me well, in fact during examination i still need enough time to sleep but not when i was doing assignments.. by hook or by crook, i must complete it 1st and have a long rest after this.. be patient, syahira. sacrifice!! sacrifice!!

currently, i am listening to sentimental love songs from my sweetheart's play list -______-"

Best regards,


jujahxo. said...

takpe bersusah susah dulu,
bersenang senang kemudian.