not about hormones


hello blogger babes, silent readers and blog hoppers.

how do you do? thanks for still visiting my simple pink blog ^.^

well, yesterday i went to jj bukit raja for break fast and bought few items.

some people hard to define either needs or wants. so do i! well, to not blaming my shopping hormones and ect etc i went to jj and end up bought new facial skin cares and some vegetables.

so, which are needs and wants? personally all of above items are needs for my daily life -__- examples, i used irise facial skin care for last 5 years and decided to change to the new brand which i've bought the body shop set T.T" totally pokai!

then i bought some vegetables, cakes flour and etc etc for cooking mission this week. ehhehe..

besides, how about what i wants? there's tooooo much to list down until i found that some of them are not necessary at all such as new wedges lah, new sandals lah, new heels lah, new etc etc T.T"

finally each people needs and wants are different also depends on their financial support too..

* pop out an idea!! what if i listed again what ever i wants which consider as what i need and ask my sweetheart to stand by them as a hantaran??

p/s: needs - things which are important to move on your lifes e.g food and shelter

wants - *sigh. any things you desired on e.g asked your self better. wink..wink.

Best regards,