by hook or by crook - sticky entry


by hook or by crook..
i must complete my thesis' draft by 19 oct 2009

dont play play cik syahira T.T" it's around the corner.. no more facebook, no more blogging, no more blog walking..


schedule of dissertation process:

30 oct - final draft

11 nov - amendments

17 nov - final presentation

30 nov - submission of bound dissertation

1 dec - let's party!!

Best regards,


syazana said...

aku pong sama je..

jujahxo. said...

selamat maju jaya my dear :)

adenium said...

all the best syahira

::narita:: said...

gudluck syahira wit your thesis ;)

EyraRizal-Makeup Artist said...

hi.. ade beberapa vacancy for makeup class this saturday (17/10/09).. jom la join.. if berminat, bg tau cpt2 tau! :) 016-2128740