white handbags


daddy.. daddy cool~ daddy.. daddy cool~

T.T" hi babes..

i just goggling around for white handbags regarding for this entry <- over react ok! ^o.O^

suddenly i miss my home sweet home..
hello.. hello.. mom, miss you!!

ok.. back to the story, here are the wish list of my white handbags<- dead ok if my sweetheart found this! hhuhuhu..

it's a prada as you can see. i love the design looks fabulous.. pretty cool~ with i a huge space, just throw everything there.. might be your kitty can also put it here. hhohoho.. eh, let me check 1st either it's a handbag or for dog bag?? -.-" *edited- it's a ladies handbag.

next is tote bag from coach -.-" still, the background is white. yup, i can consider it as white.. i love the simple design. basically in my opinion,it's suitable for office use because it's just nice. haihh.. how to explain? at least the red strip make sense there and bring a big impact for me.

ok. last one. looking for off white! *drum rolls, please.. ahhhahaha. i am a queen.. cute is it? wink..wink.

enough said, that's all for my day dreaming of today. hhuhuhu..

Best regards,