a secret to be told


syuuuu.. this is a secret. please keep it and never spread it away. thank you..

next monday (31.08.2009) is my dad's birthday. my mom asked me either i'll going home or not this weekend due to last week i celebrated my 1st ramadhan with my housemate -.-" i told my mom i'll going home by coming nuzul quran @.@"

but then after a short conversation from hp i started to think what if i make a surprise to them? ehhehee.. i called my younger sister and mention to her about this plan and she definitely agreed with me.

so what is my plan? this friday morning i'll going home after 1 and 1/2 months i didnt T.T" serious.. i miss every single thing in my home especially my bed! hhuuhuhu. the rest i miss my mom and dad too~ ;) then pick up my sister at uitm segamat after her morning class and ponnn!! ponn! mom, we're back! surprise!!!! insya Allah this friday i will buka puasa with my family.. yeayyy!!

hurm.. so far, my plan is not bad. now, i am looking for something which can be a present for my dad.. what eh? any idea?

Best regards,


lily lotus said...

oh! think deeply apa yg ur dad suka or impikan..and u mampu utk belilah..hehe

adenium said...

heppi birthday to your dad..