a reason for recently not updated


hello blogger babes..

* sigh. currently i addicted with this game. hu3x
actually there's many entries still in my draft's folder T.T"

Best regards,


Misbehave said...

nak jugakkkkk! nk carik kt mana gem tu?

*nampak sgt xde keje kt opis..huhu*

cik syahira said...

dear rina,

i d/load from my friend. she got the installer as well as the 'patch' which i can play all levels of the game. actually the 'patch' can be used for any trial games you d/load from the internet.. resulted, you can play the game for all levels. no limitation like usual trial version. happy!

adenium said...

tamau cuba..tamau cuba...
addicted to farm town pun dah teruk..... tamau yang lain dah... kang takde masa nak tido..hehehe

cik syahira said...

dear kak sid.
me addicted with farmvilla T.T"