random on birthday party


hi babes.

there's a few pictures randomly taken in princess birthday party celebration last sunday. from clock wise;

the yummy delicious foods. me love all of them. the main menu is mee rebus. i bought cuppies, mak long's with kuih muih + fruits, sweetheart's mom bought kek batik and kuih hurm.. kuih bakar maybe huhuu. it's green in color and the taste was good! there's also another vanilla cakes and pandan which i really falling in love with that cakes plus kek batik! *asked for more kek batik T.T"

lil princess with her pinky outfit.. during that time every body cheer her up when her mom put the pink butterfly at the top of her head.. she seems love it too. so sweet lah you kid! nge.. me love you.. Mmuahhh..

me having mee rebus while his sis and cousins pose with me too. well, seriously i am having a great time with them.. psstt.. that mee rebus, my dear sweetheart prepared it for me. my job only finish it and he also serve me with a glass of grape juice. thanks for the vvip treat ek o_o* blushed!

finally, here you are the candid camera! ahhaha.. every body busy with their own business. in fact lil princess tried to touch the cake and she managed to do so with both of his hand. hhuhuhu!

* recently i do blog about sweetheart's family and where is my family? us are low profile.. no picture please.. wink..wink.

Best regards,


jujahxo. said...

ada setengah budak tak suka ada mende kt kepala derang kan. tapi qis suka eh! sangat bagussss! =))

*ayu* said...

so sweet & meriah!

adenium said...

wahhh meriah jugakk....baca mee rebus... emm tak tahan..