my puding roti


happy sunday babes.

surprised, it's a tutorial's entry.. ehhehehe..

my puding roti

the ingredients are:

i refer to this page. wink..wink. oh, i add on strawberries!

1. heat your oven; 10 mins and 180°

2. i used this brand and simply love it! pour a tin and add with 1/4 glass of water. and will be nice..

3. place your bread inside it! let them mix together.

4. mix all 5 table spoon of sugar, 4 table spoon of planta, 2 table spoon of vanilla flavor, 2 eggs and 1 table spoon of corn flour.

5. ahhahaha. manually mix them up. ^o.O^

6. say hi to my strawberries.. welcome to my kitchen. ehhehe.. this cost me RM 4.95~ RM 5 only. it's fresh.. not bad ok.

7. just mix everything here.. oh, i also add mix fruits!

8. insert your puding roti inside oven and boommm!! T.T"

9. set for 30 mins and 180°

10. tik.. tok..tik..tok.. 30 mins was over and here you are my puding roti

* surprised me, my 1st time ever and it's well bake. yippiiie!! happy oh.

Best regards,


jujahxo. said...

waahh waahhhh!!! menareknyaaa u punye puding rOti!

sedap tak??
kang bagilah i rasa..
plezzzz.. :(

cik syahira said...


of cause lah delicious..

Misbehave said...

wahhhh sgt menarik!!! harus try! :)

Syazana said...

Shiraak belajar gak....
tgh menambah kemahiran memasak nih.

cik syahira said...

go go babes.
let's try it!

adenium said...

huhhh..pandai masak ghupanya....
kita nak try bleh..heheh

cik syahira said...

dear kak sid.
hehehe.. not so pandai lah but it's a 1st try. it works! he3x