home sweet home


i'm officially at home sweet home, batu pahat johore and hoping that my mom will cooking this for dinner.. ouh, how i miss mom's special nasi ambeng now and forever..

pictures below taken during prayers at my home sweet home last month.. it's a sambal goreng, kuih kemboja <- sweetheart's mom called it but my mom used to call kuih hurmm i forgot! T.T" then meat curry used to be my fav too, serunding, ayam masak kicap and last but not least ikan kering -.-" so yummy delicious..

well babes, what are your menu this evening for buka puasa?

*happy weekends, have a great time with family and friends.
*happy holiday, malaysia independent day.
*happy becoming birthday dad.

Best regards,


adenium said...

best nya sambal goreng tempe tuh... sukerr sgt2 tau.. nak sket belh....