her last 150 USD


hello babes. there's been quite long times i didnt share any stories with you. hurm.. *sigh. honestly there are many incident happened to me or surrounding me recently. but then i just keep it.

so today, i decided to share with you something about somebody which happen some days ago T.T" what ever! hhuhuhu..

once upon a time <-liar! there is a girl oh i guess she's grew up already who become a women living in the middle of big city in one of famous places in the world @.@' (so metaphor..) haha.. ok, just a women live in a city.

she worked very hard days and nights, committed and sacrifice everything for her passion which mean her job. but.. at the end of the month she went clubbing *yippiee.. enjoy!, shopping until over budgets and dont have any savings for her future..

one day..

something happen which she never expected before.. she almost lost everything. yes.. every single things.. such as career and friends. she dont have any siblings yet parents or relatives..

what she only left is only 150 USD.. hurm. in your opinion, what can she do with that amount in order to sustain in the big city?

i google for 150 USD and i found this image *sigh.

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Syazana said...

if i in her shoe,i dont know what to do,except crying,sleeping n find a new job...actually i cant imagine.Shopping for the last tome kot...hahahaha