feels great


hello babes..

regarding on this entry, yesterday i managed to find out chan sow lin road easily.. thanks boss! hhuhu. definitely, i called my boss and asked him for the direction. well, he's very good on giving direction. i arrived safely around 5pm.

well, why suddenly i went to chan sow lin road? yes.. to go to utusan malaysia. here you are the entrance of the office.

hehe.. just to make a surprise for you, i also attached this at this entry 1st. more stories will update tomorrow. so stay happy, healthy and wealthy babes.. see you tomorrowm.

* the clue: i meeting a reporter and photographer.

Best regards,


Syazana said...

Dear jumpa diaorg tok apa?

jujahxo. said...

waaah bunyinya macam menarek!

cik syahira said...

dear syazana,
you know it already right?

dear oja,
yup, seriously interesting!