what is the word??


what is the word? it's teamwork..

hello babes. how was your weekend? this weekend i just stay at my home and doing a cleaning job! my housemate and i collaborate to do the job; i did the kitchen part and she settle our bathroom part.

since i cant remember when is the last time we clean up the kitchen area, so i take the initiative to throw away everything which unnecessary. well, it's hard to ask others to do it so as one of the full house members i just show my commitments to take care all the stuffs in my house. <- motif??! hhuhuhu..

since my housemate, sheila and i are sharing the same bathroom, we will ensure that our private area is the best as well as clean plus comfy! ehehhhhehe.. i like.

then by using collaboration power, finally we make it as what we wish for.. therefore, what is the word? it's teamwork.. thanks babe, next time we can collaborate again and doing a cleaning job.

for you information we are living happily with another one not so new housemate. by the time we collaborated to clean up the house dont ask me what was she did. well, the clue is on sunday morning what most of you did? krohhh..korh... zzz

Best regards,

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jujahxo. said...

oohh samalah kita hari ni. kemas umah. tp i kemas ptg.

u kt shah alam tu duk kt umh taman ke apartment ek??

cik syahira said...

rumah flet je. wink..wink.

baizura said...

amal sangat teruja membaca..heh.

jujahxo. said...

alaaa tak kesahlah umah flat ke apa ke. janji selesa duk kt ctu. berdua jekan?? emm kalO berdua selesa sangat dah tu :)

cik syahira said...


we miss you!


3 ladies (T.T") not 2.