silver or gold


hi babes.

today i love to share about the increment of my shopaholic hormones! hhuhuhu.. well, yesterday as usual i went to jj bukit tinggi ( i guess it was 3 times this week) for billing payment at the post office.

then as usual did my regular exercises which window shopping <- it is an exercises when you walked around the shopping mall and i stop at silver jewelry shop <- it's not good exercise! hhuhuhu..

previously there are few times i went to that shop but only got an ear rings. but today i decided to get something ouh actually many things T.T" before that i love to share the reason why i turn from gold jewelry to silver jewelry is to avoid from attractions.

nowadays everybody worried about robbery so do i. so i decided to wear only a cheap cheap accessories such as silver jewelries. hhuhuhu.. insya Allah, now i feel safe..


Best regards,


*ayu* said...

stilll.... take care ok?

jujahxo. said...

silver pn sebenarnya dah lbeh kurang ngn white gOld. cuma tulah, takdelah terkilan sgt kalO hilang kan. heee.

cik syahira said...

kak ayu,

yup it still can be, but everybody have to ask for Allah's protection kan? insya Allah.