she's never change


once upon a time, there was a little girl who wish to become a superstar. she's a pretty young lady and born as a clever girl<-- she's lucky is it? then, she believed that she had work enough and stay in a comfort zone without working harder for her brighter future.


the story began when she in primary school, she lived comfy because every single thing she wanted to, she will got it! she didnt work hard enough for her study, luckily she passed to continue to one glam school in town.. she never change. lived in comfy zone.

until one day when she turned 18 she realized that nothing could change her except herself. living in the same comfy zone didnt promise anything perhaps everybody must work hard to ensure brighter future.. <- ouh i did! ^o.O^

with a minimum requirement, luckily she passed one of the examination and she got chances to continue her dreams. unfortunately, after a few years in academy she still never change.

she thought that she still lived in a comfy zone. <- i believed that it's hard to change something which we used to do the same manner since years ago. everybody want to change to better life but how it could be? they need to sacrifice in order to move on.

i myself, still cant change some sort of my bad habits. i admit but then i'll try my best to control them T.T"

so pretty girl, living in glam was no longer comfy until you proven to us that you change yourself to better one.. wink..wink.

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cik syahira said...

assalamualaikum sis.

ouh i share my thoughts about people nowadays.
not for a specific person.

jujahxo. said...

nOt specific ke??

Ohh i ingat u citer pasal u tadi. hehh ;p

cik syahira said...

babe.. sounds like me ke?