she is or she is not


i guess there's quit sometimes which i did not sharing any story tales here.. well, under this label of beauty eyes i love to share about other people's behavior..

ok.. why beauty eyes?? people see what ever happen around you; sadness, happiness, loneliness and etc. but how you control that emotion comes when it really happen in your life? some argue why it happen to you but not others? well.. i havent any answer for that but what i know i love to share everything and i hope that we can learn something from this story..


for me it's good for certain logical reasons. on the other hands, i wish i am not. well, this story is about a pretty girl who is a simple ordinary girl <- omg, my intro??! *just ignored. i dont know how to describe her.. T.T"

just go to straight forward eh!

she is a daughter to her parents,
lovely wife to her husband
and mummy to her adorable kids.

one day..

her husband decided to move to his hometown
near to his parents.

everybody was excited!


it was not a good news for her.
she felt that might be ..
her husband will spend more times with his parents.
her husband will spend more times with his siblings.
her husband will definitely do that! *sigh.


when she thought again and again..
she's definitely wrong..
she supposed to not to think like that.
she must understand what ever reason of that.

at first she is selfish
at the end she is not..

she accepted that idea.


she move on.



psst.. i hope that she was doing fine and living happily with their family. god bless!

Best regards,


jujahxo. said...

duk near takpe. tapi kalO duk satu bumbung memang i tamO!

takde privacy langsung!

*ehh kena ke ngn entry u ni?? haha