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it's a protected entry. fill your password:

* asked for strength ^o.o^

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jujahxo. said...

uhh?? apa ni??

cik syahira said...

it's a protected entry.. if you interested, email me your query an i'll email you the password.

since i am not sure who are my readers, so sometimes i should post it with password.

meaning only certain of my readers only have permission to read it.

although your are my close friends, of cause you can read it.


Umi Rose said...

nak baca jugak..tp mana email syahira?...nyibuk jer kannn..huhuhu

cik syahira said...

kak rose, it's ok.
you're my friends too.

cik syahira said...


jujahxo. said...

pOjan mau kemana??

cik syahira said...

military training..