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Rules And Regulation: Letakkan gambar sewaktu kecil anda. Adalah baik sekiranya anda menulis 15 perkara yang orang tak tau semasa kecil anda. Dihujung entry, anda harus memilih 5 org utk ditag. Anda amat bertuah jika ditag saya sebab saya ingin tau lebih lanjut tentang zaman comel anda dulu..

cik syahira when she was 3 years old

15 facts about cik syahira when she was young:

my mom said:

1. i cried when mosquitoes bite me. i hate mosquitoes until today ok..
2. when i was 5 accidentally i pee pee on my mom's bed T.T" the day after wards, i never sleep with mom and sleep with grandma.
3. she put the mosquito coils near me. i crawled and hit them ^O.O^ a small burn at my stomach!
4. she slapped me when i was 7 and i cant remember that. cried.. cried..
5. everyday she forced me to have an half boil eggs before going to school. thanks mom, i love half boil eggs now and forever

my dad said:
6. when i was 6 he left me at kindergarten and never accompanied me. proven that i am an independent kids..
7. i am boyish.. i like~ because i am the one and only for almost 6 years.
8. i love to play hide and seek with him. well, the memories remains forever in my heart
9. i killed my kittens and chicks. T.T" syahira dangerous!
10. my passion is sport and yes i end up with 100m, 4x100m and bla bla. only during primary school

yes.. i still remember:

11. when i was 7, cikgu ariffin was my class teacher and he always punished me because i am naughty! i guess i am the only girl and the rest are boys..
12. i am a cat lover. i have almost 10 cats. eat with cats, sleep with cats, play with cats until all of them dead. my fav cat is mr. tam tih. hot and gorgeous cat ever ^o.O^
13. my first trip is when i was 7~8 to langkawi island. i like it so much..
14. i love army. i have army's truck, guns and a small small army (forgot the term oh)when i was young.. my sweetheart please impressed me. ehhehe
15. the most hilarious joke that i ever spread to my friend was i admit that i am flying by plane, i open the window and could feel the cloud! surprised that everybody believed it! ahhaha.. so silly~

and i tagged 5 of my blogger babes:
oja, the twin
misbehave, sunshine's mummy
kak sid, GBM
mr. joe, a new friend of mine
dawai kokot, matriculation babe

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jujahxo. said...

OhhOO.. sangat menarek tag ini.
nanti i buat yek.

tapi kan,, piccas tym kecik kecik dOlu ada dlm lappy lama. malasnyaaa nak bukak! ;p

liyana said...

ahahaha..daku selaku housemate pon br tahu..kelakar amat..ahaha

cik syahira said...

* blushed!

Umi Rose said...

ooo...nakal yer cik syahira ni dulu....ermmmm

cik syahira said...

kak rose.

*hugs you. long time not see you here.. welcome back sis.