5 facts about shout award


i watched shout award and highlighted 5 xxx facts which:

1. i understand when there is shout award meaning that audience needed to shout (fine) but then " hello, you're such soo annoying ok. i guess it is about to support local music industry right. then what is the point you invite him*

2. when they asked peeps, 'who is the best performer?" <- simply like that.. 'him*! him*! him*! they said T.T" what the i dont know?? phew..

3. soooo dont know how to describe for the sound system especially when the guess artist perform! pity him ok.. <- proven that i am not anti him.. *sigh.

4. i would love to say, marion is deserved to win and also faizal tahir. ouh.. there're such hot and of cause talented.. ^o.O^

5. overall, hope next year shout award will improve and please give more opportunities for our local music bands.. i do prefer bunkface to perform for the final round.. <- see i support our local music industry *dead, seriously show off!

well, it sincere from my bottom of my broken heart (full stop) MyEm0.Com

Best regards,


Dj Epoi said...


Selepas Gua Katam Entry2 kat sini....baru Gua terperasan....yg Gua tergolong dalam golongan KACAK hehehehehhe...

Best gak kan bagi makan ikan Lu hehehehehh

jujahxo. said...

yup! faizal tahir & bunkface sangat sangat berbakattt!
heee ;p

cik syahira said...

thanks babe for your comments. happy weekend all.