to quit or to stay


the story for today is about a pretty girl <-- what is the motif??! who confused either NEED to quit from her job or to stay in her boring cubicle working areas. she has been working at THAT company since jan, 2008. well.. plus minus almost ONE year and 4 months she gain knowledge and experiences from her seniors in that company.

overall they are working happily and helping each others UNTIL one day the financial crisis HIT world global economic and resulted many companies suffered with FINANCIAL PROBLEMS. at first even she realized with that condition, she still thinking that her company will doing fine UNTIL last few days there are rumors SPREAD that one of their most important resources has TERMINATED their contract!

she thought that rumors was NOT TRUE.. BUT she still worried for her future life's. now she started to think it is BETTER she send a resign letter or to stay for a while.. hurm. I GUESS it was very hard for that girl to face this condition BUT it might be something good will come soon. who knows right?


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