i dont want to miss a thing


last thursday i was packing my stuffs to go to kualau lipis for noa wedding ceremony. based from my checklist <--i dont know what is the motif??! my buddy will married but i also did a checklist. hhahahaa.. i have packing everything EXCEPT my compact powder.recently, i realized that my favorite compact powder was missing in action.

after a while, i surrendered and decided to buy A NEW compact powder on friday night. before i went to sleep i just did final check at my nike bag. ACTUALLY i am looking for a hand fan to bring along with me for the trip. GUESS what??! i found my compact powder inside the nike pocket. ouh.. alhamdulillah..

at least i can save my money for other items rather than buying a new compact powder. <-- still wondering to buy any items??! ouh.. i couldnt stop it! i am sorry goodbye.

Best regards,