as'kum and good morning.

over last 2 weeks my sweetheart and i went for 'makan-makan' at black canyon restaurant located at jusco bukit tinggi klang. i am really happy because it was our 1st date since there's been almost 2 months ++ we did not met. while chit chatting and 'lepaking' suddenly i am not so sure what happen next until this insident happen.

haha.. so pampered 'lah' i guess. then he shoot all this pictures.. nge..

dear sweetheart, actually what happen this time? i forgot already. but what i know is i am always happy be with you.. because we belongs together. hihihi.. above pictures are introduction for our 'makan-makan' time. later on i'll update about what are so special about this restaurant..


i love everything that we did together. that's the best things 'lah'..


jujahxo. said...

uit,, tengah majOk ke??

Diari Milik Pink said...

dear jujah.. ehehhe.. he started 1st!