Nama timangan ;
syahira, syira, cyra, ira, along, pink, syg.. ehheheh..

Anda seorang yang...
simple person, friendly, independent and pink lover.

Insan teristimewa, describekan mengapa dia terlalu istimewa ;
instead of my family and sweetheart, sabil and noa both are my best buddies since i in UTHM. we shared memories and learn many things togehter.. thus, we promised that nothing can broke our friendship. it will last forever.

Lagu kesukaan yang dilayan sekarang…
fantasia bulan madu. ehhehe..

Makanan kesukaan ;
suddenly i am craving for nasi ambeng.. so heaven!

Warna kesukaan ;
pink, pink and pink. then come orange and red.

3 benda yang wajib ada dalam beg ;
my sony ericsson.
my black polo.

Kali terakhir menangis dan kenapa ;
hhuhuh.. yesterday. in front of him..because we might difficult to meet each other again after this due to he is on training until end of this year!

Tag 6 rakan yang lain.
- miss behave.
- kak kesum.
- my cousin, rahim.
- dyan.
- khas.
- si dawai again.. ehhehe