Hello.. happy sunday. ouh.. tomorrow was monday. what a lazy i am.. come on, no more monday blues!! ehheheh.. how was your weekend? as i said before i just stay at my home did nothing.

my weekend was like in heaven might be; sleeping, eating, surfing, blogging, downloading, watching movies and continue the same routine(T.T")..

here is my top wish list items. just want to share with you.. ehhhehe.. we discussed already (my sweetheart and i) and decided that this will be our 3rd car ( psst.. each of us have our own cars! )not so sure when we can buy this but he is waiting for www registration plate.

my family used 2802 as our official number and his family used 1163. well.. does it sound unfair if i register our new car as www 2802? hhehehhee.. or we should pick our own family number??

please ignore that 'pakcik' because we are NOT highlighted him! see.. our sparkle grey TO BE.. ngeh..negh..