as'kum all and good evening.

how do you do? i hope you guys are getting well. ok.. today i would like to share my entries on last weekend. since labour day fall on friday so i went to johore to visit my family and had my sweet and lovely weekend with them.

i started my journey at the not so early on friday, about 9 am and used Elite Highway as ussual. since i lived in shah alam, elite highway was the best way to go to my hometown. firstly the traffic was good, the journey along elite highway quite smooth. but then, when i reached nilai it seems that heavy traffic along the road.

here are some pictures which i am not so sure where is it. seems that many cars and i also found accidents ( cannot shoot the picture because i am driving alone! )

due to the heavy traffic i drop to r n r seremban to take short rest while waiting for another car who accompany me along my journey. in r n r seremban, there's lot of cars and people.. i took almost 15 minutes to get parking space. damn.. seriously r n r seremban also crowded instead of the highway.

i am waiting until 10 am and finally from far i can see them, the one that i am waiting for. guess who? hhihihi.. you must wait until my last weekend entries ok! since r n r also crowded i 'lepaking' at sha la la cafe. picture above was not our food, there's others customers. when they off, i immediately sat there.

we 'lepak-lepak' for a short rest and wait until the highway seems look smooth. previously, there's an accident before the r n r seremban, that's why the traffic was a bit slow.