ehhehhe.. this morning i watched the game between m.u and barca and started admire this sweet little guy, messi.he's very cute and i love to watch his unpredictable skills.. i am not into soccer but then now i feel like ouh.. it's not bad ok! and i have fun watching with my sweetheart and his ex starian, ipoh..

i want to upload all pictures but unfortunately i forgot where i put my cd installer for my sony hp due to my lappy just format few days ago. juat gave me some time and i'll update more pictures about them.

here is my messi.. ups! suddenly become my messi 'eh'? ahhahha..

well he is in number 10 ok! i'm so proud 'lah'.. because we shared the same number 'meh'..


jujahxo. said...

simpati untOk huby saya.
sebab MU suda kalah.
hak.hak. ;p
wat penat je bangung pagi2 buta!

cik syahira said...

said sorry to him.
we stay until 5 am watched this game!
i also love to watch soccer.