as'kum and a very good morning..

hello, how was your day?
hey.. hey.. you.. you.. today is friday! ouh i love friday~~ MyEm0.Com

and tomorrow is saturday is it! walla~~ cannot wait for this weekend.
we will have our 2nd gathering with our best ex-degree's members
(batch 2004-2007)MyEm0.Com

since i cannot join them on the 1st gathering, so i did my best to attend this grand-grand 2nd gatheringMyEm0.Com

why i call so as a grand gathering? because all foods are f.o.c MyEm0.Com


ok.. let's talk about what i watched last night.. hihi..

overall, we love the story but at the end, it's kind a bit frustrated. hurm.. so-so 'lah'.. we hope for more, actually..overall, my advice is do not watch it alone!!

grrrrr.... grr..MyEm0.Com