as'kum and welcome to my not so long entry.

here is the story on last saturday. i am not so sure how to start but then i'll try my best to share the story. hihi..

first and for most when you read the title you might guess 'kot' what are the stories all about. well.. during last weekend, sweetheart's family came to my house and visit us.

they accompany me on my journey last friday to cross down to my hometown and meet my family as well as his mom's bestfriends; 'lepaking', discussing, chit chatting and spending their weekend in my hometown.

what is my expression when his family meet my family? stay tune at my next entries..

here a picture that i shoot to share in my blog.. my picture was not there. seems that i still 'malu-malu kucing' that time.

well both moms love to stay beside each others.. where ever they go. psstt.. stop 'gossip'ing about us ok~~ huhuhu..