hi.. how was your day? this weekend sure you guys dating is it? hurm.. almost two months i didn't meet my sweetheart due to the time resistance, maybe~~ ceh!! not at all actually. he doesn't have 'cuti-cuti' yet.. since i am also a bit of busy so we decided to meet after he get his pass. (he need a pass to go out from his sweet and lovely prison~) ups!! sorry.. not a prison actually it was a training camp for military..

here is the picture taken two months ago. it was our last meeting/ dating. see, i wear wedges to ensure that i am not too short when standing with him. huhu..

i asked him for a dinner at Johnny's Restaurant. what can i say, i am the one of Johhny's loyal customers~~~ 'eh', what are you doing??

psstt.. what happen?? he seems like very busy with his business~~ ish!!

oitt!! why?? why?? what was that?! huhuhu.. seriously he don't bother me?!

haha!! got you~ got you~ well, now i understand why he so busy ;P ouh.. tried new shoes 'ea'?

see.. see.. happy 'ea'? with new shoes..

ok.. great!! let's have fun~


well.. this is our lives. seems that we need to understand each others deeply. do sacrifice more~ he's very committed with his career.. cannot easily meeting and i need to do mostly everything without him. but, i am very grateful and happy to be part of his life. i wish that i could cherish him always.. insya Allah~