this picture taken in office, i ate twisties for my birthday~~ so sad ok this time.. my mom and sweetheart were very busy~~

sobb.. sob.. here i went to Jj to celebrate my birthday.. i wish for chicken poridge but finish ord!! seriously .. i am double sad~ so i take char kueh tiaw~

definitely.. i'm alone. i wish sweetheart was here~

then i went to Padini. heyy~~ can you see, today is my birthday.. stated 10/04/2009

i bought the blak one for my birthday present~~ alhamdulillah..

also went to Bodyshop looking for birthday gift.. yeah.. for me 'lah' ..

the next day i went to Seksyen 23 meet future family in law. insya Allah.. ups.. he's my bro-to-be had his lunch..

this is my fav pink items (pink handbag) bought at Lovely Lace..

from amal, my housemate. i know you read my blog. thanks amal~~

i went to Seksyen 2 and found this~~ never seen before! huhu..

what a big fish??

in concorde hotel, shah alam.. my classmate surprised me with this birthday celebration.. tiramisu cake, birthday song~~ thank you very much..

last sunday, my housemate surprised me with another birthday celebration. thanks for the sweet and lovely fresh blueberry cake! damn.. i really love it~~

from ayu & wahida.. thanks darling.. hurm.. nalin, where are you? seriously you forget my birthday?? sob.. sob.. how come you~~ wawawawwa..

once again.. thank you very much!! i love this one~~ awesome!! definitely i'll bring it to Pd this week~~

finally.. i'm realised that everybody love me, thank you very much..
Dear sweetheart, even you're not here on my birthday but your family always treat me like their daughters too. cherish me.. be here with me. i think it was the wonderful birthday present that i ever had. alhamdulillah~~