this morning when i on the way to office, as ussually i used for 'layan-layan lagu'and so on~
go straight to the point.. then, FF called some one..
i thought it was 'panggilan hangit'..
tutt.. tutt.. tutttt.. tuttt...
suddenly i heard nabil's voice.
what a surprised, nabil had an accident yesterday at Bkt Raja (near my house 'lah')!!
'wallawey'~~~ pity him.
but then, alhamdulillah nabil feels better now he said.
in addition he said maybe this is a punishement for him.
erk!! ok.. ok..
psstt.. he hug his gf live from Arena of star genting highlands last week..
i guess it was an accident.
well, i don't know~ i hope nabil will get well soon.