hello.. and as'kum. how do you do? here, i'll cont uploading few pictures in pd with sweetheart's family last weekend. ok.. last weekend we went to pd on saturday with his family, aunts, uncles and cousins. there are 6 cars with approximately 40 members (kids and adults)..

alhamdulillah.. i am really happy be with them. all of them were really nice to me, treat me as part of their families. and the most memorable moment that i never forget was we had dinner together with special menu 'nasi ambeng' home made by his auntie.. fuhhh~~ i love 'nasi ambeng' so much..to sweetheart's family, thank you very much for everything. you guys treat me very well~~ awesome!!

dear sweetheart, i wish you were here joining us~

here are maksu, cikwan and baby qistina..

the evening in Port Dickson.

we love your cupcakes, monster wawa!!

his adorable family members..

with ana, kak yan, che r and cik syahira~~

new family members, the caldina. hihihi..

happy mode~~

good bye to pd~ we went home..

finally we had a great time together with the short 'cuti-cuti' malaysia in Pd..