hi.. last night i watch 'ghost game' thais movies!! seriously, i love this thriller+horror movies~ for the first time i watched this last 2007 when i went for bus trip to putrajaya (i guest 'lah').. unfortunately, when 1/2 episode the cd (during that time still using cd ok) got problems. till then i forgot 'lah' about that until last march i went to cambodia it's remind me about the movie. my friend linda also mention to me that when we visited to the prison, there's looks a like at ghost games movies.. hahhh!! then i asked my housemate sheila to d/load this movie.. finally, that's how the story began. dear sheila thank you very much!! to amal don't try to watch this movie alone~~

pssttt.. you know what, last night i slept outside with sheila.. 'ngee' .. so afraid to sleep alone!huhuhuhuuuu..