as'kum and good morning.

today i'm blogging from my office. there's been a few days i didn't walk in here due to my final exam and fever day. alhamdulillah.. everything is ok and i'm doing fine.

what to share? the 1st entry for today is unsatisfied-
the main thing that i not so comfortable working here is the not so good working life style recently. man love smoking inside the office. finally, i direct share this info here! let they know if they read this.

i can't stand working everyday like this! ouh.. it's bad for me. in addition i am always pretending being a patient staff with this environment. serious.. i don't like- yet, what can i do? keep on pretending until i get better job.

i still thankful i have a job and good manager, compare than others who did not. i must handling this matter profesionally maybe. i am not so sure, what shall i do instead pretending. huhu..

now, i sit in my table, doing my job and did not disturbing others. but why others being so selfish smoking in office and there are totally disturb me. sounds that unfair.. so sad. i feel bad. i think there are even more. hehe.

finally, i am still working here and looking for any opportunities. dear manager, i hope that we can get better job so do i need to work on site rather than sitting in my table. serious boring..